Introductory Provisions   1
Title, Applicability, Purpose   1A
Interpretation And Scope   1B
Base Zones   2
Single-Family Residential Zones   2A
Multi-Family Residential Zones   2B
Commercial Zones   2C
Industrial And Research Zones   2D
Interim Development Zones   2E
Public Zones   2F
Riverfront Crossings And Eastside Mixed Use Districts Form Based Development Standards   2G
Form-Based Zones And Standards   2H
Overlay Zones   3
Planned Development Overlay Zone (OPD)   3A
Historic District And Conservation District Overlay   3B
Design Review   3C
Use Regulations   4
Use Categories   4A
Minor Modifications, Variances, Special Exceptions, And Provisional Uses   4B
Accessory Uses And Buildings   4C
Temporary Uses   4D
Nonconforming Situations   4E
Affordable Housing   4F
Site Development Standards   5
Off Street Parking And Loading Standards   5A
Sign Regulations   5B
Access Management Standards   5C
Intersection Visibility Standards   5D
Landscaping And Tree Standards   5E
Screening And Buffering Standards   5F
Outdoor Lighting Standards   5G
Performance Standards   5H
Sensitive Lands And Features   5I
Floodplain Management Standards   5J
Neighborhood Open Space Requirements   5K
Airport Zoning   6
Administration   7
Boards And Commissions   7A
Development Fees (Rep. by Ord. 14-4586, 6-3-2014)   7B
Penalties And Enforcement   7C
Review And Approval Procedures   8
General Procedures   8A
Administrative Approval Procedures   8B
Board Of Adjustment Approval Procedures   8C
Planning And Zoning Commission Approval Procedures   8D
Historic Preservation Commission Approval Procedures   8E
Definitions   9
General Definitions   9A
Historic Preservation Definitions   9B
Sign Definitions   9C
Outdoor Lighting Definitions   9D
Sensitive Lands Definitions   9E
Floodplain Management Definitions   9F
Small Wind Energy Conversion Systems (SWECS) Definitions   9G