A.   The building official may order rent abated when the building official determines that the owner has, after issuance of a notice of violation of this chapter:
      1.   Failed to provide an essential service (water, sewer, electricity, heat);
      2.   Failed to remedy a condition that poses a substantial risk to the health or safety of the tenant; or
      3.   Rented a dwelling unit without a rental permit.
   B.   Rent abatement means that the owner may not recover rent from the tenant. Rent shall be abated until the condition for which rent abatement was ordered has, in the judgment of the building official, been remedied.
   C.   The building official shall provide a copy of the rent abatement order to the owner at the address on the rental permit and to the tenant by U.S. mail and by posting the entrance door to dwelling unit. Notice of termination of the rent abatement order will be given in the same manner. (Ord. 17-4727, 10-3-2017)