A.   A temporary license, for a period of not to exceed four (4) calendar days, may be issued by the liquor control commissioner only to a not for profit or religious corporation or association whose purpose and function is providing benefit, assistance or support to charitable, athletic, religious, youth service or community programs located within the village.
   B.   Each application for a not for profit corporation or association pursuant to this section shall contain a copy of the applicant's recorded articles of incorporation and a copy of the applicant's most recent annual report filed with the secretary of state.
   C.   All such applications shall state the time period for which the temporary license shall be applicable and shall state whether the license is for solely an outdoor or an indoor location.
   D.   Such a temporary license shall authorize the retail sale and serving of, and/or the serving without charge of alcoholic liquor by the specified organization, at a special event, such as and including, but not limited to, a picnic, outing, festival or other such similar special occasion for consumption on the premises or within the area specifically designated in such license. The fee for such a temporary license shall be twenty five dollars ($25.00) per day but no separate application fee shall be charged. Not more than four (4) such temporary licenses may be issued in any calendar year to any one applicant. No such temporary license may be issued until the village president as the liquor control commissioner has received evidence that the applicant shall have satisfactory dramshop insurance in effect during the period for which each such temporary license may be issued. (Ord. 04-773, 3-9-2004)