Liquor Regulations   1
Places Of Amusement   2
Canvassers, Peddlers And Solicitors   3
Municipal Waste System   4
Municipal Occupation Taxes   5
Licenses And Permits   6
Alarms   7
Telecommunications   8
  General   8A
  Registration Of Telecommunications Carriers And Providers   8B
  Telecommunications License   8C
  Telecommunications Franchise   8D
  Cable Communications Franchise   8E
  Fees And Compensation   8F
  Conditions Of Grant   8G
  Construction Standards   8H
Cable And Video Service Provider And PEG Access Support Fees And Consumer Protection   9
Locally Imposed And Administered Tax Rights And Responsibilities   10
Retail Food Establishment Regulations   11
Conflicts With Certain Home Rule County Ordinances   12
Garage Sales   13
Short Term Rentals   14
Residential Rental Housing Code   15
Small Wireless Facilities   16