No owner of property, contractor, and/or other permittee, who has been issued any village permit, including, but not limited to, any building permit, demolition permit, site development permit, septic permit, or other permit issued by the village authorizing any construction activity pursuant to this code ("village permits"), nor any contractor, subcontractor or material supplier of such owner, contractor, or permittee, shall cause, permit, or allow:
   A.   Any vehicles and/or equipment, related to activity which is or should be the subject of such a village permit, to be parked or stored on any such village right of way, unless specifically authorized by a special condition of such a permit; and
   B.   Any nonrubber tired equipment used in any activity related to such village permit(s) to be loaded or unloaded, except within the boundary lines of the property which is the subject of such village permit(s), and in no event shall such loading or unloading occur within the boundary lines of any public or private right of way.
The restrictions of this section shall not be applicable to any work within a right of way which has been duly authorized by the entity having maintenance jurisdiction over said right of way. (Ord. 14-945, 1-14-2014)