A.   General: Except as provided for in subsection B of this section, no building hereafter erected shall be used or occupied in whole or in part until a certificate of use and occupancy shall have been issued for same by the building official. The nature of the proposed use and occupancy of the property, including the permitted business or occupation, if any, or other purpose for which such certificate of occupancy is issued shall be specified in such certificate and the use and occupancy of such premises shall not be altered or modified without application for and issuance of a new certificate of occupancy.
   B.   Temporary Occupancy: Upon the request of the holder of a permit and the payment of the required fee, the building official may issue a temporary certificate of occupancy for a building or structure, or part thereof, before the entire work covered by the permit shall have been completed, provided such portion or portions may be occupied safely prior to full completion of the building or structure and occupancy shall have a term specified by the building and zoning officer not exceeding ninety (90) days from the date of issuance. Any occupancy permitted by a temporary certificate of occupancy shall be discontinued upon the expiration of such temporary certificate.
   C.   Certificate Of Occupancy; Issuance Procedure: If, as a result of appropriate inspection, the building official determines that all construction has been completed in compliance with the building permit and all village ordinances, and the proposed use and occupancy of the premises will comply with all such ordinances, the building official shall issue to the owner a signed certificate of occupancy, and the building official shall then immediately transmit to the assessor a copy thereof. (Ord. 06-822, 3-14-2006)