(A)   Refuse may be collected for disposal by the city, by unincorporated municipalities, or by persons under contractual arrangements, permits or arrangements with the city.
      (1)   No provisions of this section shall be construed as making it mandatory on the city to collect or provide for the collection of garbage or rubbish, and no liability on the part of the city shall result from its failure or inability for any reason to provide for such collection.
   (B)   The city will collect refuse under the following conditions:
      (1)   Garbage and trash will be collected once each week from residential units.
      (2)   Refuse will be collected once a week from commercial establishments, if necessary.
      (3)   Collection service may be discontinued when refuse storage cans or containers are inadequate or have been condemned as unfit.
   (C)   It shall be unlawful for any person to haul, convey, or cause to be conveyed, any waste, including discarded building material or discarded furniture, upon or along the public streets and roadways except when the material transported is adequately secured in such a manner as to prevent the material from falling or being blown from transporting vehicles.
   (D)   It shall be a violation of the section for any person not having proper permission from or arrangement with the city to haul any refuse within any area of the city in which refuse collection service is maintained by the city.  Scavenger licenses or permits may be issued by the City Clerk with the approval of the Superintendent of Sanitation to qualified applicants on an annual basis upon payment of a fee of $25.
   (E)   The city shall not be responsible for collecting or hauling discarded furniture and appliances from private property, nor shall it be responsible for collecting or hauling trees, bushes or other vegetation cut on private property incident to construction.
   (F)   Whenever, in the opinion of the Superintendent of Sanitation or his agents, any person who operates a commercial establishment or other place where a large quantity of commercial waste is produced as an incident to the conduct of such establishment or business, produces and accumulates quantities of garbage, rubbish, yard waste, non-combustible materials, and other such materials in excess of reasonable quantities ordinarily removed by the city, which said reasonable quantities are fixed at six 20-gallon containers per collection, the Superintendent shall require such person to remove the same at his own expense, in such manner as not to violate any of the provisions of this section.  Excess refuse from commercial establishments may be collected by the city on a charge basis as determined by the City Council.
(‘68 Code, § 4-605)  (Ord. 303, passed 4-1-68; Am. Ord. 456, passed 9-17-73)  Penalty, see § 50.99