(A)   Garbage, rubbish and yard waste shall be stored in refuse containers or commercial containers.
   (B)   Rubbish may be mixed with garbage.
   (C)   Tree branches and heavy brush which will not fit into cans or containers shall be cut in lengths not exceeding three feet in length, tied in bundles not to exceed 60 pounds in weight.  The city will not collect yard waste or any other materials resulting from commercial tree trimming operations.
   (D)   The occupant of each residential unit shall place residential unit refuse containers at the front of the residence at the road curb in plain view, but not in the public roadway, not before 6:00 p.m. on the day before collection day, and such refuse containers shall be removed from the road curb not later than 6:00 p.m. on the day following the collection.  Collection personnel are prohibited from entering fenced enclosures or structures for the purpose of making collections.
   (E)   Commercial establishment refuse containers shall be placed at locations at times approved by the Public Service Director for collection.  The city will not collect refuse from commercial establishments unless it is placed in approved cans or containers properly located and does not exceed six 20-gallon containers.
   (F)   Before a building permit may be issued for construction of a commercial establishment, proposed arrangements for storage and collection of refuse must be approved by the Public Service Director.
   (G)   Paper shopping bags, oil drums, wire baskets and similar types of containers will not be  allowed.
   (H)   Domestic garbage intended for collection shall be drained of all free liquid.  Garbage shall be wrapped in several thicknesses of paper.  No garbage or waste of any kind or description shall be placed or stored in an uncovered receptacle nor shall garbage be burned in any receptacle or unapproved incinerator within the corporate limits of the city.  Undrained garbage of a liquid or semi-liquid nature will not be collected and is declared to be a nuisance when placed on public property, whether in containers or not.
   (I)   It shall be the duty of each person to prevent the continued excess of and unsightly accumulation of refuse upon the property occupied by such person.  Failure to comply with the provisions of this division shall constitute a violation of this subchapter.
   (J)   It shall be in violation of this subchapter to place or cause to be placed in refuse containers for collection any acid, explosive material, inflammable liquid or dangerous or corrosive material of any kind whatsoever.
   (K)   Cardboard boxes shall be broken into flat squares and tied into bundles not to exceed 50 pounds.  Newspapers shall be securely tied in bundles and not to exceed 50 pounds.  All rags shall be rolled up, tied in the middle and cut into lengths not exceeding three feet.
(‘68 Code, § 4-604)  (Ord. 303, passed 4-1-68; Am. Ord. 416, passed 5-1-72; Am. Ord. 456, passed 9-17- 73)  Penalty, see § 50.99