(A)   Elements of the offense.  A person violates this section if he or she:
      (1)   Receives notice and an opportunity to be heard under this Code; and
      (2)   Knowingly fails to comply with an order issued by an administrative hearing officer under this chapter, including any requirement of a subpoena.
      (3)   Each day that the violation occurs is a separate and distinct offense.
   (B)   Defenses.  It is an affirmative defense to this section that the Wayne County Circuit or any other court of competent jurisdiction stayed the order issued by the administrative hearing officer before the effective date of the order.
   (C)   Prohibited defenses.  It is not a defense to this section that a person:
      (1)   Came into compliance or attempted to come into compliance with the order after the date the order by its terms required compliance; or
      (2)   Sought judicial review of the order but failed to obtain a stay of the order before the date the order by its terms required compliance.
   (D)   Sentence/contempt.  A person convicted under this section is guilty of a misdemeanor and punishable by a period of jail not greater than 90 days, a fine of not more than $500 and the costs of enforcement.
   (E)   Venue.  The City Attorney must institute actions under this section in a court of competent jurisdiction.
(Ord. 810, passed 3-5-07)