The following Signage shall be exempt from these Sign regulations:
   (a)    Signage which is an integral part of the original construction of vending machines, fuel pumps or similar devices;
   (b)    Cornerstones and permanent building plaques displaying the date of construction, building name or similar information;
   (c)    Street name Signs;   
   (d)    Holiday decorations displayed for customary periods of time;
   (e)    Special Signage determined by the Board of Zoning Appeals to be reasonable considering the intent and regulations of this Chapter; and
   (f)    Painted wall murals or other similar artwork if approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals and Architectural Review Board.
   (g)    These regulations shall not be applicable to any Signs erected by the City for public purposes. (Ord. 2020-101. Passed 10-13-20.)