At the time of filing the application for development within the Protected Hillside Zone areas, there shall be paid to the City a filing fee. There shall also, at such time, be deposited with the City and thereafter maintained on deposit a cash amount, as determined by the Building Official based on his estimate of the costs to be incurred by the City in reviewing the application for a Zoning Certificate and to insure payment by the applicant of expenses incurred by the City in the processing of the application and all pertinent papers connected therewith.
   (a)   The cost and expense incurred by the City for any investigation which may be necessary, as determined by the Building Official, including but not limited to, the City Engineer, hydrological and geotechnical engineers, botanists, biologists, landscape architects and/or legal services, shall be paid by the owner, applicant, developer and/or builder.
   (b)   The actual expenditures shall be paid by the applicant upon demand of the City. The unexpended balance of the deposit shall be refunded to the applicant upon completion of all administrative proceedings involved in connection therewith. No filing fee shall be refunded or returned. No Building Permit shall be issued until any amounts required to be paid by the applicant have been paid.
      (Ord. 2017-114. Passed 12-12-17.)