1381.02 INTENT.
   The intent of this regulation is to:
   (a)    Allow development while reducing damage to receiving water resources and drainage systems that may be caused by new development or redevelopment activities;
   (b)    Protect and maintain the receiving stream’s physical, chemical, and biological characteristics and stream functions;
   (c)    Provide perpetual management of stormwater runoff quality and quantity;
   (d)    Establish consistent, technically feasible, and operationally practical standards to achieve a level of stormwater quantity and quality control that will minimize damage to public and private property and degradation of water resources and will promote and maintain the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the City;
   (e)    Control stormwater runoff resulting from soil disturbing activities;
   (f)    Preserve, to the maximum extent practicable, the natural drainage characteristics of the building site;
   (g)    Preserve, to the maximum extent practicable, natural infiltration and groundwater recharge, and maintain subsurface flow that replenishes water resources, wetlands, and wells;    
   (h)    Assure that stormwater quality controls are incorporated into site planning and design at the earliest possible stage;
   (i)    Reduce the need for costly treatment and mitigation for the damage to and loss of water resources that are the result of inadequate stormwater quality control;
   (j)    Reduce the long-term expense of remedial projects needed to address problems caused by inadequate stormwater quality control;
   (k)    Require the incorporation of water quality protection that encourages and promotes habitat preservation into the construction of Stormwater Control Measures (SCMs); and
   (l)    Ensure that all stormwater quality practices are properly designed, constructed, and maintained.
   (m)    Maximize use of SCMs that serve multiple purposes including, but not limited to, flood control, erosion control, fire protection, water quality protection, recreation, and habitat preservation.
      (Ord. 2017-19. Passed 10-10-17.)