1380.12 BOND.
   (a)    If a SWP3 or Abbreviated SWP3 is required by this regulation, soil disturbing activities shall not be permitted until a cash bond has been deposited with the City of Independence Finance Department. The amount shall be a [$1,500] minimum, and an additional [$1,500] paid for each subsequent acre or fraction thereof. The bond will be used for the City of Independence to perform the obligations otherwise to be performed by the owner of the development area as stated in this regulation and to allow all work to be performed as needed in the event that the applicant fails to comply with the provisions of this regulation. The cash bond shall be returned, less The City of Independence administrative fees as detailed in Chapter 1380.11 of the City of Independence Codified Ordinances, after all work required by this regulation has been completed and final stabilization has been reached, all as determined by the City of Independence Engineer.
   (b)    No project subject to this regulation shall commence without a SWP3 or Abbreviated SWP3 approved by the City of Independence engineer.
(Ord. 2017-20. Passed 10-10-17.)