Applications to the Building Commissioner for installation of electrical power generators shall include:
   (a)   A site plan showing:
      (1)   The exact location of the generator, including measurements to property lines and structures.
      (2)   The location of any window, vents and air intakes.
      (3)   A landscape screening plan, showing quantities and types of plant material existing and to be planted, or other screening materials to be used.
      (4)   A signed statement from the owner specifying the date by which the landscaping will be completed.
   (b)   A copy of the floor plan of the residence or non-residential building showing:
      (1)   All fuel or gas piping and valves from unit to existing source with the type and size of piping, burial depth requirements, etc.
      (2)   Evidence that the piping and fuel supply plans meet the manufacturer’s specifications, National Fuel Gas Code, NFPA, and EPA requirements.
      (3)   Electrical panel location including the transfer switch and any other electric equipment associated with the unit, including disconnecting means.
      (4)   The type and size of electrical wiring, burial depth requirements, and location of all wiring from unit to source, to unit, to distribution panel.
      (5)   Evidence that the electrical plans meet manufacturer’s specifications and current state law.
   (c)   A copy of the manufacturer’s specifications for installation, including clearance requirement data, and sound attenuation requirements.
   (d)   The property owner must be the applicant for the proposed installation.
      (Ord. 2008-58. Passed 11-11-08.)