As used in this chapter:
   (a)   “Air conditioning” or “air handling equipment” means any unit or combination of units, gas or electrically-operated, used for the cooling, heating or dehumidifying of spaces for human occupation in residential or commercial buildings, but shall not include ordinary window air conditioners, window or wall fans.
   (b)   “Electrical power generators” means any permanent unit or combination of permanent units, gas or combustible operated machinery used for the purpose of supplying electricity for human occupancy in residential or commercial buildings.
   (c)   “Sound” means a pulsation of air pressure capable of being heard.
   (d)   “Decibel” means the unit used to express sound pressure level and sound power level.
   (e)   “Sound level” means the reading in decibels taken with a sound level meter. Decibel is abbreviated “db”, and the abbreviation “dba” refers to decibels measured using the A scale on a meter.
   (f)   “SRN” means sound reading number.
      (Ord. 2008-58. Passed 11-11-08.)