No person shall keep, maintain or exhibit for gain or to win money or other property, or cause or permit to be so kept, maintained or exhibited, a gambling table, or faro or keno bank, or a gambling device or machine, or a billiard table for the purpose of gambling or allow it to be so used, or a slot machine or pinball machine, or any machine, device or instrument which may be operated by the use of any coin, token, slug or disc, whether such machine, device or instrument purports to vend or distribute merchandise, or to furnish recreation or amusement, if such machine, device or instrument when so operated, returns or distributes more or less merchandise than it purports to return or distribute, or returns or distributes one or more coins, slugs, tokens or discs, or tabulates a score, number or mark which may be used for obtaining merchandise or other articles of value.
(Ord. 1970-70. Passed 12-8-70.)