Any person seeking a building permit to construct any building, other than single or two-family dwelling units or subdivisions within the City, when a mechanical waste water treatment plan is to be constructed to service the waste from such building, shall:
   (a)    Obtain written approval of the plans, specifications and discharge point from the Department of Health of the State;
   (b)    Place on file with the Department of Engineering of the City a copy of the plans, specifications and written approval by the Department of Health of the State; and (Ord. 1969-44. Passed 7-8-69. )
   (c)    Allow an inspector, designated by the City, upon production of appropriate identification, to inspect, at a reasonable hour, the waste water treatment plant on a bimonthly basis. The fees for such inspection shall be imposed in accordance with the fee schedule set forth in Section 1307.08 of these Codified Ordinances and such fees shall be paid annually in advance by the owner to the Director of Finance.
         No person shall refuse to comply with this subsection or interfere with access to premises pursuant to this subsection. In addition to the penalties provided in Section 1367.99, a designated City Inspector may, upon affidavit, apply to the Municipal Court for a warrant under the procedures set forth in Section 1365.16(b) of these Codified Ordinances, authorizing access to the premises under appropriate conditions and circumstances as provided in this section. (Ord. 1978-59. Passed 1-9-79.)