No outdoor swimming pool of permanent construction shall be constructed or maintained on private property in the Municipality unless the following conditions have been met:
   (a)   Every pool must be located not less than ten feet from any property line and not less than ten feet from any residence or other main building on the premises.
   (b)   Every pool shall have erected around it a fence or other appropriate barrier of sufficient strength and height to prevent young children from having access to the pool except through a gate which shall be kept locked when the pool is not in use by its owner or anyone using it with his permission.
   (c)   A permanent swimming pool which may hereafter be constructed must substantially conform to the natural grade of the surrounding land and no part thereof, other than equipment such as a dividing board and the like, shall be higher than one foot above the grade.
EDITOR’S NOTE: Because of the recodification of Chapter 1359 as part of the 1977 updating of the Codified Ordinances, the next numbered page is 46A.
   (d)   Every pool shall be so constructed that it can be drained into the Municipal storm sewer, or have a sump pump located in its deepest part, for the purpose of pumping out all of the water to a storm sewer opening, except that if the pool is constructed on land not yet sewered, the owner shall pump or drain water from the pool in such a manner as to cause no injury to other property in the vicinity of the pool.
   (e)    If flood or other artificial light is used to illuminate the pool at night, none of the lights shall be used after 10:30 p.m., if the pool is located within 200 feet of any building used for dwelling purposes. The lights shall also be shielded to direct light on the pool only.
   (f)    Every pool must provide a non-inflatable life preserver with an attached rope of sufficient strength and length to reach any point in the pool. Such life preserver shall be located at pool side at all times, whether or not the pool is in use.
   (g)    The requirement of subsection (f) of this section may be satisfied by providing a shepherds hook of sufficient length and strength as an alternative to the non-inflatable life preserver. (Ord. 1991-55. Passed 11-12-91.)