No person shall install a mechanical garbage disposer unless such disposer meets all of the following minimum specifications:
   (a)    It operates with water flowing into the grinder and through the sink drain line;
   (b)    It discharges wastes at a reasonably uniform rate in a fluid form, which flow readily through an approved standard trap, drain line or soil line of the type and size required by the Building Code and Chapter 929 , and in a manner which will prevent clogging or stoppage of the drain line or sewerage system;
   (c)    It is so constructed and has such operational characteristics that at least forty percent of all material discharged from it passes a No. 8 sieve, at least sixty-five percent of such material passes a No. 3 sieve, and 100 percent of such material passes a one-half inch screen;
   (d)    It is self-scouring, with no fouling surfaces to cause objectionable odors;
   (e)    It is free from electrical or mechanical hazards; and
   (f)   It is of a type tested, approved and listed by the Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., and it bears evidence of such Underwriters' Laboratories approval, and the entire installation complies in all particulars with the provisions of the American Insurance Association Fire Prevention Code adopted in Section 1501.01 and all other applicable provisions of these Codified Ordinances.
      (Ord. 1974-83. Passed 11-26-74. )