(a)   Moving on Streets. For moving of buildings, structures, excessively large or heavy equipment or devices on any public street or any portion thereof:
      (1)    Where the object moved is under ten feet wide
         and not high enough to interfere with overhead
         wires, lights, tree limbs, etc., and moved on a
         standard truck or trailer at moderate speed with
         little or no interference with normal traffic, and
         where the City must provide an escort or
         supervision, the fee will be determined by the
         Building Commissioner .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    $10.00 to 20.00
      (2)    Where the object moved is over ten feet wide
         and moved on a carry-all, truck or trailer at a
         continuous rate of speed and with a moderate
         interruption of normal traffic and with a
         necessary City escort and/or supervision:
Base fee
Plus for every square foot of base area involved
(3)    Moving dwelling
   (b)    Moving Without Crossing Street. Moving without traversing
      any public street or any portion thereof:
Base fee
       In addition to the above, at the discretion of the    Building Commissioner, dditional fees, up to fifty dollars ($50.00) may be charged to cover extra supervision and    inspections, according to the nature of the work and the time involved.    Fees or charges stated in this section do not include any necessary charges which might be made because of expenses occasioned by the moving. All charges from public utilities involved, and occasioned    by the moving, are to be paid by the owner or mover. The mover must provide the Building Commissioner with an adequate cash deposit or bond.
      (Ord. 1989-50. Passed 1-2-90. )
    (c)    Demolition or Razing of Buildings or Structures. Any person,    partnership or corporation desiring to raze any primary building    in the City shall deposit with the Building Commissioner a bond of four hundred dollars ($400.00) in cash conditioned upon the faithful and prompt performance of    such razing as described in the application. This    amount shall be returned to the depositor upon a    determination by the Building Commissioner, after inspection, that the razing has been properly and    satisfactorily completed, except that twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be retained as a fee for such inspection.
       If a building is razed by means of burning by the Fire    Department in a drill duty scheduled for the purpose of    training and approved by the Mayor, no bond shall be required, but a twenty dollar ($20.00) fee shall be charged for inspection of the premises after razing.
       If an accessory building is razed in the City, twenty    dollars ($20.00) shall be charged as a fee for inspection after razing.
      (Ord. 1990-35. Passed 6-12-90.)