All areas are calculated from plan dimensions using the outside measurements.
(a)    One-family .
Two-family (Excluding attached garages, breezeways, open porches or terraces)
Plus for each 100 sq. ft. or fraction thereof
(b)    (1)    Private garages, single dwelling.
Attached or unattended, sheds (open or closed), barns, temporary (office, storage, tool) sheds or trailers (for use during construction period) and all other buildings or structures of similar nature
Plus slab or foundation
Two-family garage, per unit
Plus slab or foundation, per unit
(2)    Breezeways.
Attached, any size
(c)    Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Structures or Projects or Any Additions Thereto.
For a valuation of $10,000 and less
For a valuation over $10,000 and up to and including $20,000
For a valuation over $20,000
Base fee
Plus for every $1,000 or fraction thereof of valuation in excess of $20,000
(d)    Escalators or Moving Stairways.
Per unit, up and down, per floor
(e)    Power Operated Dumbwaiter or Conveyor.
Per unit per floor
(f)    Additions to Any Residential Building or Structure.
Base fee
Plus for every 100 sq. ft. or fraction thereof of floor space added
(g)    Alterations, Remodeling, Structural Repairs. Any existing buildings or structures where no additional floor space is added and according to costs as estimated by the Building Inspector:
For estimated costs of not over $3,000 a flat fee of
Plus for every $1,000 of valuation or fraction thereof
(h)    Erection of a Foundation. To receive an existing building or structure moved from another location:
(1)    Where no structural change is made and no new facilities of any type added, the minimum fees (building, electrical, plumbing, heating, etc.) applicable to the type and classification of the particular building or structure involved shall be charged.
(2)    Where a structural change is made and/or floor space added and where new facilities are added, the minimum fee as set forth in subparagraph (1) hereof plus the regular fees that would be charged for the added floor space and new facilities shall be charged.
(i)    Swimming Pools.
Temporary pools
Permanent pools, in ground or above
Base fee
Minimum fee of
Plus a $ 400.00 cash bond which shall be refundable
Inspection fee
(j)   Radio Receiving and Transmitting Masts or Towers.
(1)    In an Industrial or Commercial District
(2)    In all other districts
(k)    Fences.
Fee per linear ft. .
Minimum fee
(l)    Driveways.
(1)    Residential - any permanent (concrete, asphalt, etc.) driveway
(2)    Residential - any permanent (patio, garage base, etc.) driveway
(3)    Commercial-any permanent (concrete, asphalt, etc.) driveway and/or parking area.
For every 100 sq. ft. or fraction thereof of area
Minimum fee
(m)    Driveway Aprons.
Per linear foot of width
Minimum fee
   (n)    Curb Cutting. The cutting of any curb or its removal,
      at the option of the City, shall be performed by the City
      or its authorized agent after a permit has been issued by
      the Building Commissioner. The fee shall be charged in
      accordance with the following schedule:
(1)    Sandstone curbing.
Per ft. or fraction thereof of length cut
Minimum fee
(2)    Concrete curbing.
Per ft. or fraction thereof of length cut
Minimum fee
(3)    Granite curbing.
Per ft. or fraction thereof of length cut
Minimum fee
      (Ord. 1989-50. Passed 1-2-90. )
    (o)    Road Opening. For installation of water or sewer lines, etc.,
       wherever an opening or openings must be made in any part
      of the public or dedicated portion (from the property line on
      one side to the property line on the opposite side) of a
      roadway, a permit must be secured and a fee charged.
Base fee
       . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   
      Plus a cash deposit of an amount determined by the
      Building Commissioner in accordance with the
      provisions of Chapter 901 of these Codified Ordinances.
      (Ord. 1990-35. Passed 6-12-90. )
   (p)    Buildings or Equipment Not Specified Above. The fee for
      a permit to construct, install or erect any building, structure
      or equipment, not specifically covered under this Building
      Fee Schedule, shall be one-half of one percent of the estimated
      cost, except that no permit shall be issued for a fee of less than
      ten dollars ($10.00).
   (q)    Obstruction Deposit. To protect City property from damage
      and to insure the completion of all construction work, the
      removal of temporary offices, tools and/or storage sheds
      and the satisfactory restoration of the property involved,
      a deposit is required, prior to issuance of a building permit,
      on all new dwellings, commercial construction or any
      construction deemed necessary by the Building Commissioner.
(1)    On every new dwelling:
Either a cash deposit of
$ 400.00
or a bond in the amount of
      (2)    For a group of dwellings built by one contractor, for
         commercial construction or any other type of construction,
         the amount of cash deposit or bond shall be set by the
         Building Commissioner at a figure he deems adequate.
         All deposits or bonds shall be subject to increase if the
         nature of the work warrants it or if damage during
         construction exceeds the amount of deposit or bond. When
         all construction work is completed, when all temporary
         office, tool and/or storage sheds are removed and when
         the property involved has been restored to a reasonable
         state of orderliness, then a final inspection shall be
         made, and if satisfactory, the Building Commissioner shall:
      A.    Where no damage has been incurred, authorize
         either a full refund of any cash deposit made or
         the cancellation of the covering bond;
      B.    Where damage has been incurred and has not been
         satisfactorily repaired by the owner or contractor:
         1.    Authorize the refund of any cash deposit remaining after deducting an amount necessary to cover City costs for repair of all such damage;
         2.    Authorize the collection from the bonding company or companies of the amount necessary to cover City costs for repair of all such damage.
         See Chapter 1349 for sidewalk, plank driveway and deposit fees.
         (Ord. 1989-50. Passed 1-2-90.)