(a)   The provisions of the Building Code relating to the issuing of permits are hereby modified to conform to the provisions of this Zoning Code. Where there are practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships in the way of carrying out the strict letter of the provisions of this Zoning Code, and any persons, property or the inhabitants of the Municipality are affected, the Board of Zoning Appeals shall have power in specific cases to vary any such provisions in harmony with its general purposes and the intent of this Zoning Code so that the public health, safety, morals and general welfare may be secured and substantial justice done.
   (b)   No order of the Board of Zoning Appeals granting a variance shall be valid for a period longer than 270 days from the date of such order unless the building permit or final approval is obtained within such period, and the erection or alteration of a building is started or the use is commenced within such period. (Ord. 1996-28. Passed 9-10-96.)