(a)    No person licensed under Ohio R.C. 921.06, 921.07, 921.08 or 921.12 shall apply any lawn chemical to residential or commercial lawns in the City unless, at or before the time of each application, the information described in subsection (b) hereof has been provided to the tenant or occupant on whose property the lawn chemical is to be applied.
   (b)    The information to be provided shall be in writing and shall include not less than the following:
      (1)    The brand or common name of each lawn chemical to be applied;
      (2)    The chemical type (fertilizer, pesticide or defoliant) of each lawn chemical to be applied;
      (3)    The range of concentration of end use produce to be applied to the lawn and the rate of application;
      (4)    Any special instruction appearing on the label of the lawn chemical product applicable to the occupant's use of the lawn following application;
      (5)    The name and telephone number of the employer of the applicator;
      (6)    The date and approximate time of lawn chemical application.
         (Ord. 1992-1. Passed 2-11-92.)