(a)    The purpose of this chapter is to provide minimum standards and regulations insuring the safe shipment and transportation of radioactive materials through the City.
   (b)    As used in this chapter the word "shall" is always mandatory and not merely directory. In addition:
      (1)    "Radioactive material" means any material or combination of materials, which spontaneously emits ionizing radiation. Materials in which the estimated specific activity is not greater than 0.002 microcuries per gram of material, and in which the radioactivity is essentially uniformly distributed, are not considered to be radioactive materials.
      (2)    "Large quantity radioactive materials" means a quantity the aggregate radioactivity of which exceeds that specified in 10 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Part 71, entitled "Packaging of Radioactive Material for Transport," Section 71.4(f).
      (3)    "Curie" means an expression of the quantity of radiation in terms of the number of atoms which disintegrate per second; a curie is that quantity of radioactive materials which decays such that 37,000,000,000 atoms disintegrate per second.
      (4)    "Millicurie" means one thousandth of a curie.
      (5)    "Motor vehicle" means any vehicle defined as a motor vehicle in Section 301.23 of the Traffic Code.
      (6)    "Person" means any individual, partnership or corporation engaged in the transportation of passengers or property, as a common, contract or private carrier, or a freight forwarder, as those terms are used in the Interstate Commerce Act, as amended.
         (Ord. 1978-63. Passed 12-19-78.)