Any person other than police or other officers of this City desiring to make complaint by affidavit to prosecute another for the violation of any ordinance of the City or statute of the State, shall be required to deposit the sum of ten dollars ($10.00) with the Mayor's Court Clerk before a warrant of arrest shall be issued, provided, however, that whenever the Chief of Police or Prosecutor, in his discretion, is satisfied that the public peace and welfare requires immediate prosecution, or that the complainant is acting in good faith and is unable to post such deposit, he may waive the provisions of this section.
   A complainant or prosecuting witness who has posted a deposit as required in this section and who, during the pendency of such proceeding does appear as a witness against the accused and otherwise cooperates in such prosecution, shall be entitled to a refund of the deposit made.
(Ord. 1963-10. Passed 3-26-63. )