Bed and breakfast establishments (“the establishment”) may be allowed as a conditional use in the city by permit as provided by the zoning and land use regulations established by the city, if the following conditions are met.
   (A)   The owner or resident manager of the establishment shall operate and reside at the facility.
   (B)   The establishment shall conform to State Health and Building Code requirements.
   (C)   The establishment’s owner must furnish evidence that licenses required by the state either have been issued or will be issued before commencing operation.
   (D)   The establishment shall be limited to five guest rooms.
   (E)   Guests shall not stay at the establishment for more than 30 days within any 90-day period.
   (F)   The establishment shall provide a minimum of one off-street automobile parking space for each guest room and one off-street automobile parking space for the owner of the establishment.
   (G)   Identifying signs for the establishment shall be no more than 20 square feet in total, located on the building and consistent with the character of the building.
   (H)   No cooking or cooking facilities shall be allowed or provided in the establishment’s guest rooms.
   (I)   Meals shall be provided only to overnight guests of the establishment. The City Council may approve, at its sole discretion, the provision of meals for non-guests for special events such as banquets or family gatherings, but only if adequate parking is provided and no increase in traffic volume will occur as a result of the special event. Approval may be limited to a single event or on an annual basis.
   (J)   The City Council may, at its sole discretion, waive parking and other non-health and safety requirements of land use and zoning ordinances of the city for facilities listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
(2004 Code, § 154.110)  (Ord. 464, passed 1- -1996)  Penalty, see § 154.999