Ordinance No. 15-0748
An Ordinance Enacting a Code of Ordinances for the City of Hutchinson, Minnesota, Amending, Restating, Revising, Updating, Codifying and Compiling Certain Ordinances of the City Dealing With the Subjects Embraced in the Code of Ordinances, and Providing Penalties for the Violation of the Code of Ordinances.
WHEREAS M.S. §§ 415.02 and 415.021 authorize the city to cause its ordinances to be codified and printed in a book,
NOW THEREFORE the City Council of the City of Hutchinson, Minnesota, hereby ordains:
Section 1. The general ordinances of the City as amended, restated, revised, updated, codified and compiled in book form, including penalties for the violations of various provisions thereof, are herby adopted and shall constitute the "Code of Ordinances of the City of Hutchinson". This Code of Ordinances also adopts by reference certain statutes and administrative rules of the State of Minnesota as named in the Code of Ordinances.
Section 2. The Code of Ordinances as adopted in Section 1 shall consist of the following titles:
   I.   General Provisions
   III.   Administration
   V.   Public Works
   VII.   Traffic Code
   IX.   General Regulations
   XI.   Business Regulations
   XIII.   General Offenses
   XV.   Land Usage
Section 3. All prior ordinances, pertaining to the subjects treated in the Code of Ordinances, shall be deemed repealed from and after the effective date of this ordinance, except as they are included and re-ordained in whole or in part in the proposed Code of Ordinances; provided, this repeal shall not affect any offense committed or penalty incurred or any right established prior to the effective date of this ordinance, nor shall this repeal affect the provisions of ordinances levying taxes, appropriating money, annexing or detaching territory, establishing franchises, or granting special rights to certain persons, authorizing public improvements, authorizing the issuance of bonds or borrowing of money, authorizing the purchase or sale of real or personal property, granting or accepting easements, plat or dedication of land to public use, vacating or setting the boundaries of streets or other public places; nor shall this repeal affect any other ordinance of a temporary or special nature or pertaining to subjects not contained in or covered by the Code of Ordinances. All fees established in prior ordinances codified in this Code shall remain in effect unless amended in this code or until an ordinance or resolution adopting a fee schedule is adopted or amended.
Section 4. This ordinance adopting the Code of Ordinances shall be a sufficient publication of any ordinance included in it and not previously published in the city's official newspaper. The Clerk of the City shall cause a substantial quantity of the Code of Ordinances to be printed for general distribution to the public at actual cost and shall furnish a copy of the Code of Ordinances to the local library. The official copy of this Code of Ordinances shall be marked and kept in the office of the City Clerk.
Section 5. The Code of Ordinances is declared to be prima facie evidence of the law of the City and shall be received in evidence as provided by Minnesota Statutes by the Courts of the State of Minnesota.
Section 6. This ordinance adopting the Code of Ordinances, and the Code of Ordinances itself, shall take effect upon publication of this ordinance in the City's official newspaper.
Adopted by the City Council this 22nd day of December, 2015.
/s/Gary T. Forcier                                          /s/Matthew Jaunich                         
Gary T. Forcier, Mayor               Matthew Jaunich, City Administrator