The AHBR shall review applications for certificates of appropriateness and evaluate them to determine their compliance with the following standards:
   (a)   The proposed change will not adversely affect or destroy any significant historic or architectural feature of the structure.
   (b)   The proposed change is neither inappropriate or inconsistent with the spirit and purpose of the City's historic preservation laws and it will not adversely affect or destroy the general historic and architectural significance of the Historic District.
   (c)   With respect to a proposed demolition, preservation is not economically feasible for the applicant and/or the denial of such certificate would result in practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship that would deprive the applicant of all reasonable use of the land or building involved.
   (d)   The proposed change complies with the historic district/landmark architectural and design standards set forth in Section 1207.18(a) and Appendix D.
(Ord. 18-93.  Passed 10-15-19.)