(a)   Initiation.  Applications for text or official zoning map amendments may be initiated by the following:
      (1)   By motion of the Planning Commission;
      (2)   By adoption of a resolution by City Council;
      (3)   By application for a rezoning by one or more of the owners, holders of options to purchase, or lessees of the property for which the amendment or supplement is requested.
   (b)   Procedures for Approval.
      (1)   PC, City Council, or private party initiated applications for text or official zoning map amendments shall follow the core development approval process set forth in Section 1203.02, except for the following modifications:
         A.   Step 4: Planning Commission action or recommendation. The PC shall conduct a public hearing, make specific recommendations to the City Council, and transmit the application to the City Council, together with the text and map amendments pertaining thereto, within 120 days from the date of initiation of the application for text or official zoning map amendments.
         B.   Step 5: City Council action. After the PC's public hearing and recommendation on the amendment application, the City Council shall hold a public hearing and take final action within twenty days of said public hearing. An amendment before the City Council for consideration shall take effect only if passed or approved by not less than five members of the City Council.
   (c)   Standards for Review. All applications for text or zoning map amendments shall be reviewed by the PC and City Council for compliance with the standards and criteria set forth in Section 1204.01 .
   (d)   Public Examination of Documents.  During the thirty-day period following the publication of notice of public hearing before the City Council, the text or a copy of the text of a proposed amendment, together with the maps or plans or copies thereof that form part of or are referred to in such amendment or supplement, and the maps, plans, and reports submitted by the Planning Commission, shall be on file for public examination in the office of the Clerk of Council.
   (e)   Effective Date of Amendment. Amendments or supplements adopted by the City Council shall become effective under the provisions of the Charter of the City of Hudson.
   (f)   Zoning Map Amendments. When an amendment to this Code that changes the zoning of any area becomes effective, it shall be the duty of the City Manager to cause such change to be entered on the Official Zoning Map on file in the office of the Clerk of Council.
   (g)   Applications for Zoning Certificates During Consideration of Application for Amendment to this Code.
      (1)   Whenever an ordinance has been introduced in City Council that involves a change in zoning from a less restricted district to a more restricted district, or to set forth prohibited uses in any existing zone district, no zoning certificate shall be issued for a period not to exceed 180 days from the date of the introduction of such zoning amendment ordinance when such zoning certificate would authorize the construction of a building or the establishment of a use that would become nonconforming under the contemplated zoning amendment.
      (2)   If such ordinance is not adopted within 180 days, the appropriate public entity is authorized to accept applications and issue zoning certificates regardless of the pendency of such amendment ordinance.
   (h)   Applications. Applications for amendments or supplements to this Code shall be submitted to the City Manager upon such forms as approved by the Planning Commission.
   (i)   Submittal Requirements. See Appendix A for submittal requirements for applications to amend or supplement this Code.
(Ord. 16-148, § 5.  Passed 2-21-17; Ord. 18-93.  Passed 10-15-19.)