All applications for text or zoning map amendments shall be reviewed by the PC and City Council for compliance with the following guidelines:
   (a)   Whether or not the proposed amendment is in accordance with the basic intent and purpose of the Land Development Code;
   (b)   Whether or not the proposed amendment furthers the long-range planning goals of the City (as outlined in the City's Comprehensive Plan's goals and objectives);
   (c)   Whether or not conditions within the City have changed since the Land Development Code was last adopted/amended, or there was a mistake in the Land Development Code, that justifies the amendment;
   (d)   Whether or not the amendment corrects an inequitable situation created by the Land Development Code, rather than merely grants special privileges;
   (e)   Whether or not the amendment avoids unlawful exclusionary zoning;
   (f)   With respect to zoning map amendments, whether the proposed zoning map amendment is consistent with the zoning classifications of the surrounding land;
   (g)   With respect to zoning map amendments, whether all of the new requirements attendant to the proposed zoning classification can be complied with on the subject parcel(s);
   (h)   Does the amendment affect the City's ability to provide adequate services, facilities, or programs that might be required if the application were approved; and
   (i)   Whether or not the amendment is necessary to address changed or changing social values, new planning concepts, or other social or economic conditions in the areas affected.
(Ord. 18-93.  Passed 10-15-19.)