(a)   No person shall hunt deer within the Municipality without a deer hunting authorization permit being issued by the City Manager, or his or her designee, that is issued upon the submission of a completed application form as provided by the City Manager, or his or her designee. A new permit issued pursuant to this chapter is required for each bow hunting season for deer as such seasons are scheduled by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife.
   (b)   The deer hunting authorization permit required by this section may be issued only after proper completion of the permit application, proof that the applicant has secured all necessary State of Ohio licenses for deer hunting, completion of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Hunter's Safety Program or other State of Ohio hunter's safety program, and proof of having passed a cross bow and/or bow and arrow proficiency test that has been authorized by the City Manager, or his or her designee.
   (c)    A person who hunts deer within the Municipality shall at all times when so hunting maintain some form of personal liability insurance, whether as a rider on the person’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance or otherwise, which covers his or her hunting activities with respect to any damages or loss to persons or property caused by such hunting activities. The minimum amount of personal liability coverage for loss shall be one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). No person shall be issued a permit under this chapter unless that person provides proof of having met the insurance requirements of this subsection in a form and manner that is acceptable to the City Manager, or his or her designee.
(Ord. 11-105.  Passed 10-5-11; Ord. 12-59.  Passed 4-18-12.)