(a)   Within the former Township of Hudson and City of Hudson Village there are existing homesites and platted subdivisions that lack certain elements of infrastructure that are now required as a part of the City standards for all new construction. These infrastructure elements include but are not limited to concrete curb, storm sewers, streetlights/pedestrian lights, overhead or underground electric service and central sanitary sewer service. A number of residents have expressed an interest in undertaking an improvement project for all or a portion of the infrastructure elements mentioned above. The selected infrastructure installed shall be in accordance with City standards for concrete curb, storm sewers, street lights/pedestrian lights, depending on service area, City standards or First Energy standards for overhead or underground electric primary and/or secondary power distribution service and, depending on service area, in accordance with City standards or Summit County Department of Environmental Services standards for central sanitary sewer service.
   (b)   In regard to the conversion of overhead electric primary and/or secondary power distribution service to underground electric primary or secondary power distribution service, as part of the passage of this Infrastructure Policy, Section 1048.13 of these Codified Ordinances will be repealed.
   (c)   The City has existing policies for sidewalks and water lines. The sidewalk policy was established with Section 1012.05. The policy for water lines was established under Ordinance No. 97-41.
(Res. 99-74.  Passed 7-7-99.)