All sidewalks and driveways hereafter constructed, reconstructed, replaced, altered or repaired in dedicated streets within the corporate limits of the Municipality shall conform to the following requirements. For the purpose of this chapter all paved areas between the curb line or paved edge of the street and the property line in dedicated streets shall be considered as sidewalk or driveway.
   (a)   Width. The width of sidewalks shall be as specified in the Subdivision Regulations of the Municipality (business, industrial, apartment areas and collector streets: five feet wide; all other types of areas: four feet wide).
   (b)   Alignment. The property edge of the sidewalk shall be laid within the right of way and shall be laid one foot from the property line or shall meet existing sidewalks.
   (c)   Grades. The grade of sidewalks shall have a slope toward the curb or paved edge of the street of three-eighths of an inch per foot. Driveway aprons may have a steeper slope in the treelawn or curblawn area in order to meet the lowered curb or paved portion of the street. No sidewalk grade, as measured running parallel to the street, shall exceed seven percent, or the established grade of the street.  All culvert grades shall be determined by the City at the time of approval of the right-of-way permit for installation.
   (d)   Materials, Thickness, Specifications. All sidewalks and driveways shall be constructed in accordance with the specifications on file in the office of the Manager. All sidewalks shall be at least two and one-half inches thick if constructed of stone and at least four inches thick if constructed of concrete.  All materials, and specifications for culverts, shall conform with the current engineering standards on file with the City Manager's office or the City Engineer's office.
   (e)   Responsibility.  Maintenance, repair and replacement of all culverts rests with the abutting property owner. Replacement of culverts shall occur only after the property owner, or agent of the property owner, secures an approved right-of-way permit from the City.
   (f)   Exceptions. Notwithstanding the foregoing requirements, the Manager or his or her duly authorized representative shall have authority to modify the provisions of subsections (b) and (c) hereof whenever in his or her judgment the existing graces, structures, plantings or other conditions render it impracticable, uneconomical or unsafe to enforce strict adherence to such requirements.
(Ord. 69-31. Passed 7-21-69; Ord. 04-154.  Passed 8-18-04.)