(a)   The following civil fines shall apply in the event of a determination of responsibility for a Municipal civil infraction for a violation of Chapter 1014 (Trees), Part Twelve (the Planning and Zoning Code) or Part Fourteen (the Building and Housing Code) of these Codified Ordinances, pursuant to Section 212.01, unless a different fine is specified in connection with a particular Code provision:
      (1)   For a first offense violation, seventy-five dollars ($75.00), plus applicable costs, for each offense.
      (2)   For a first offense violation of any condition of record of a final decision of a board or commission of the City, two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00), plus applicable costs, for each offense.
      (3)   For a violation of Section 1286.10(m) of these Codified Ordinances, or any violation of Chapter 1014, Part Twelve or Part Fourteen of these Codified Ordinances involving irreparable damage to the environment, not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), plus applicable costs, for each offense.
      (4)   For any offense which is a repeat offense, the fine shall be doubled in amount, plus applicable costs, for each offense.
   (b)   Each act of violation, and each day upon which any such violation shall occur, shall constitute a separate offense.
   (c)   In addition to any remedies provided for in this Code, any equitable or other remedies available may be sought.
   (d)   A Municipal civil infraction shall not be a lesser included offense of a criminal offense or of an ordinance violation which is not a Municipal civil infraction.
(Ord. 96-88. Passed 11-20-96.)