As used in this chapter:
   (a)   "Municipal civil infraction" means a violation of any provision of Chapter 1014 (Trees), Part Twelve (the Planning and Zoning Code) or Part Fourteen (the Building and Housing Code) of these Codified Ordinances for which the remedy and/or penalty may be a civil fine or other sanction other than a criminal penalty pursuant to Section 212.01. A Municipal civil infraction is not a lesser included offense of a criminal offense or of an ordinance violation that is not a Municipal civil infraction.
   (b)   "Municipal civil infraction determination" means a determination that a defendant is responsible for a Municipal civil infraction by one of the following:
      (1)   An admission of responsibility for the Municipal civil infraction; or
      (2)   An admission of responsibility for the Municipal civil infraction, with explanation.
   (c)   "Municipal civil infraction violation notice" means a written notice prepared by an authorized enforcement official, directing a person to appear at the City of Hudson Police Department for the purpose of paying a civil fine and/or costs for a violation which is prescribed to be a Municipal civil infraction.
   (d)   "Repeat offense" means a determination of responsibility for a second or any subsequent Municipal civil infraction with regard to the same Code provision, committed by the same person within any three-year period, unless some other period is specifically provided with regard to a specific Code provision.
   (e)   "Violation" means any act which is prohibited or made or declared to be unlawful or an offense under Chapter 1014, Part Twelve or Part Fourteen of these Codified Ordinances, including affirmative acts as well as omissions and/or failures to act where the act is required by Chapter 1014, Part Twelve or Part Fourteen of these Codified Ordinances.
(Ord. 96-88. Passed 11-20-96.)