(a)   Cost of Sidewalks.  The cost of construction of new sidewalks and the cost of reconstruction or replacement of existing sidewalks shall be paid as follows:
      (1)   For residential property certified on the City’s tax records as a homestead at the time of the resolution of necessity for new sidewalks, the City shall pay the entire cost.  However, if it is found by official State or local action that the residential property did not qualify as a homestead, then, upon such an event, this shall be cause for the City to assess fifty percent of the cost to the property owner pursuant to paragraph (a)(2) below, and to collect said monies as provided for in this section.
      (2)   For all other properties not zoned as certified, residential homesteads at the time of construction for new sidewalks, the City and the property owner shall equally share the cost of installation of new sidewalks.
      (3)   For new construction of any property regardless of zoning designation under the City Zoning Code, the property owner and/or developer shall pay the entire cost for the construction of new sidewalks.
      (4)   For repair and/or replacement of existing sidewalks upon any property, regardless of zoning designation, the City and the property owner shall equally share the cost.
   For property owners performing their own sidewalk replacement, the City shall, based on appropriate documentation, reimburse said property owner at a rate to be established by Council resolution.
   (b)   Payment for Sidewalks.  Property owners shall pay the cost of their portion of the sidewalk work in full at the time statements/invoices are mailed by the City to said property owners. In the event that the property owners cannot pay or wish to pay in installment payments, installment payments of not less than three hundred dollars ($300.00) per year shall be paid by each property owner on or before March 31.  Notwithstanding anything in this subsection to the contrary, the property owners’ share of the cost of sidewalk work shall be paid in full within seven years. Statements/invoices for installment payments shall be mailed by the City on or before December 30 of the year in which work was done. A statement will be sent each December 1 of successive years until such time as all payments are made. Interest shall be charged at the rate of one-half of one percent per month (or any portion thereof) on the unpaid balance, beginning April 1 of the year succeeding the year in which the work was done. If the property owner chooses the installment payment method, and any annual installment payment is not made on or before March 31 of the year in which it is due, the installment payment, with interest, shall be certified as delinquent and placed on the tax roll of the City for that year. Such certification shall make the entire amount due and owing by the property owner a lien on the real estate and such amount shall be collected in a method as set forth and provided for in Section 12.21 of the City Charter.
(Ord. 674.  Passed 6-8-98.)