Section 12.21 Tax Payment Schedule.
   The taxes, charges and assessments on each City tax roll shall be due and payable on the first day of July of the fiscal year in which levied. All such taxes, charges, and assessments which are paid on or before the thirty-first day of July of such year shall be collected by the Treasurer without the addition of any fee or charge for the collection thereof. There shall be added to all taxes, charges, and assessments on such tax roll which remain unpaid after the said thirty-first day of July a collection fee of one-half of one per cent during the month of August and an additional one-half of one per cent per month during each and every month or fraction of a month which shall elapse thereafter before the payment of such taxes, charges, or assessments is made, until the twentieth day of February next following the date that such taxes, charges or assessments became due and payable. All such collection charges, when paid, shall be paid into the City's treasury for the use and benefit of the City. Upon all City taxes, charges, and assessments returned to the County Treasurer upon any delinquent tax roll, a charge of three and one-half per cent shall be added and the same shall be collected by the County Treasurer in like manner as and together with the taxes, charges, and assessments so returned.