1022.01   Construction and repair; compliance required.
1022.02   Line and grade.
1022.03   Permits to construct or repair; fee.
1022.04   Necessity of construction or repair.
1022.05   Partial payment of repair by City.
1022.055   Responsibility for construction costs; method of payment.
1022.06   Notice to repair or construct; action by City.
1022.07   Removal of snow, ice and debris.
1022.99   Penalty.
   Failure of property owner to keep free of obstructions - see M.C.L. Sec. 103.4
   Sidewalks generally - see M.C.L. Secs. 691.1401 et seq.
   Duty to keep sidewalks clean - see GEN. OFF. 652.05(d)
   Assessment policy re sidewalk improvements - see B.R. & T. 892.22(a)
   Sidewalk cafes - see P. & Z. Chapter 1240 (Zoning Code)
   Outdoor displays of products or materials intended for retail sale or rental - see P. & Z. Chapter 1240 (Zoning Code)