No person shall do any blasting with dynamite, gunpowder or any other explosive substance within the city without first securing a permit in writing from the Public Works Engineer or City Administrator. Such permit shall not be issued unless the applicant shall first sign and file with the Public Works Engineer an application in writing, specifying where it is proposed to do such a blasting; the name of the owner of the premises upon which such blasting is proposed to be done; the number of blasts proposed to be made; the time or times when such proposed blasts will be detonated; and the amount of dynamite or other explosive material which will be used for each blast. The fee for a written permit to do blasting within the city shall be in an amount as set by the City Council from time to time to be paid by applicant to the Finance Officer or his or her designee before such permit is issued.
(Prior Code, § 9-07) Penalty, see § 10.99