The city council shall have legislative authority on all zoning and land use decisions in the city. The staff's, commission's and committee's function is under the direction of the council. The specific duties and responsibilities of staff follow:
   A.   Public Information: Provide and maintain a continuing program of public information on zoning matters and provide planning and zoning assistance to the public as requested.
   B.   Standards For Allowed Uses: Review the standards for those allowed uses, which must meet specific standards prior to approval, and provide notice to the applicant and adjacent property owners as herein specified.
   C.   Written Report: Accept, evaluate and submit a written report, including findings of fact and recommended conclusions of law, to appropriate authority for all council level applications.
   D.   Building Permits: Review building permit applications for zoning compliance.
   E.   Public Notice: Provide public notice of all public hearings held for the review of planning and zoning applications.
   F.   Records And Files: Maintain records and files of all zoning applications and of the hearings and actions thereon.
   G.   Zoning Enforcement Program: Maintain a zoning enforcement program to decrease violations of this title.
   H.   Revisions And Amendments: Initiate revisions and amendments of this title and the comprehensive plan.
   I.   Special Studies And Plans: Prepare special studies and plans as appropriate.
   J.   Interpretations: Make interpretations of the provisions of this title and comprehensive plan.
   K.   Use Classifications: Determine the classification of all uses not specifically identified in this title. (Ord. 194, 8-14-2002)