The building codes, as adopted herein, shall be enforced by the city. To aid in said enforcement, the city council may appoint a building inspector to serve as follows:
   A.   Appointment; Term Of Office: The city council shall have the power to appoint a person certified as a building inspector by the state of Idaho to be building inspector who shall hold such office at the discretion of the city council.
   B.   Duties: It shall be the duty of the building inspector to attend to the enforcement of the provisions of the building codes as adopted by this chapter. He or she shall make a thorough and complete inspection of any work done under permits issued under this chapter. He or she shall report, in writing, to the council at its first meeting in each month as to the inspections made during the month preceding or as frequently as requested by the council or the mayor.
   C.   Compensation: The compensation of the building inspector shall be fixed by the city council and shall be paid in the same manner as other claims against the city. (Ord. 197, 7-10-2002)