§ 108.08  EXCEPTIONS.
   (A)   To the extent that the standards and requirements set forth in this Chapter conflict with life safety codes or other federal, state or local laws having safety provisions, the provisions of this Chapter shall not supersede those specific life safety provisions.
   (B)   The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to any structure or activity for which a building permit has been issued by the City's Department of Planning and Development Services prior to the effective date of this Ordinance. Said structures and activities shall be governed by the provisions of § 108.06 herein.  If the structure or activity for which a building permit has been issued consists of the replacement of existing glazing, visible by the Line-of-Sight from the Beach, then the replacement glazing shall achieve an industry-approved, inside-to-outside light transmittance value of 45 percent or less.  Such transmittance is limited to the visible spectrum and is measured as the percentage of light that is transmitted through the glass.
   (C)   New or Existing Development which has secured a permit from the Department that includes an approved lighting plan for Marine Turtle protection will be deemed to be exempt from the provisions of this Chapter provided all lights are in compliance with the lighting plan.
   (D)   During a period where a state or local emergency has been declared, enforcement of this Chapter will be suspended in accordance with all emergency authorizations.
(Ord. O-2011-07, passed 3-2-11)