It is the intent of the City that, during Marine Turtle Nesting Season, no Artificial Light shall illuminate any area of the incorporated Beach of the City during night hours. The lighting of existing structures or associated grounds or facilities that can be seen by direct Line-of-Sight from the Beach shall be brought into compliance with the following requirements no later than, March 2, 2015 unless otherwise noted or excepted.
   (A)   Existing light fixtures not in compliance with the standards set forth in § 108.05(A) shall be repositioned, modified, or replaced through one or more of the following means such that the point source of light or any reflective surface of the light fixture is not visible from the Beach and is not Directly, Indirectly or Cumulatively Illuminated:
      (1)   Fixtures shall be repositioned so that the point source of light or any reflective surface of the light fixture is no longer visible from the Beach.
      (2)   Traditional light bulbs shall be replaced with Low Wattage bulbs.
      (3)   Fixtures having transparent or translucent coverings shall be replaced with fixtures having opaque shields covering an arc great enough so that the source of light is not visible from the north, east, and south sides of the fixture and extending an appropriate distance below the bottom edge of the fixtures on the seaward side of the light source.
      (4)   Pole Lamps shall be replaced as appropriate with Low Profile, Low-Level Luminaries so that the light source or any reflective surface of the light fixture is not visible from the Beach. If lighting must be positioned on a pole for parking or security applications, it must be cast downward and the point of light source or any reflective surface must not be visible from the Beach or Indirectly or Cumulatively Illuminate the Beach.
      (5)   Replace fixtures having exposed light source with fixtures containing recessed light sources or shields;
      (6)   Replace non-directional fixtures with directional fixtures that point down and away from the Beach.
   (B)   Lights illuminating buildings or associated grounds, for decorative or recreational purposes, shall be positioned so light is cast downward and shielded or screened so that the light sources are not visible from the Beach, or turned off between sunset to sunrise, during the Marine Turtle Nesting Season.
   (C)   Permanently remove or disable any fixture that cannot be brought into compliance with the provisions of this Chapter.
   (D)   Properties that abut the Beach or face the Beach which have illuminated signage either facing the Beach or in the line-of-sight of the Beach, including building identification signs, shall be shielded or repositioned pursuant to § 108.06(A)(1) through (7).
   (E)   Interior Lighting: One or more of the following measures shall be taken to reduce or eliminate the negative effects of interior light emanating from doors and windows within the Line-of-Sight of the Beach:
      (1)   Apply window tint or film that meets the standards in the definition of Filmed or Tinted Glass on windows on the north, south and east elevations;
      (2)   Rearrange lamps and other moveable fixtures away from windows;
      (3)   Use window treatments (e.g. blinds, curtains) to shield interior lights from the Beach; and/or
      (4)   Turn off unnecessary lights between sunrise and sunset, during the Marine Turtle Nesting Season.
   (F)   Exterior lights used expressly for safety or security purposes shall be limited to the minimum number and configuration required to achieve their functional roles. The use of motion detector switches that keep lights off except when approached and that switch lights on for a period not to exceed five minutes is preferred.
   (G)   To the extent lights are determined by the City to be necessary for public safety purposes, including but not limited to, street lights, park lights, publicly owned facility lights and walkway lights, and such lights are Shielded or shaded then they will be exempt from the provisions of this Chapter.
   (H)   Beginning March 2011, property owners shall be required to implement measures not involving any capital expenditures to the extent possible so that public safety is not compromised. These measures include switching off exterior lights that illuminate the Beach and closing existing draperies to shield interior lights during the Marine Turtle Nesting Season.
   (I)   Exception.  The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to any structure or property within the Broadwalk or Hollywood Beach Historic Overlay District as these areas are governed by the provisions of § 108.07 herein.
   (J)   Upon passage of this Ordinance and the enforcement of the lighting standards set forth above for existing development, any lighting installed pursuant to this section shall be deemed acceptable and in compliance.
(Ord. O-2011-07, passed 3-2-11)