It is the intent of the City that no Artificial Light shall illuminate the Beach during Nesting Season. The following applies to lighting that Directly Illuminates the Beach and impacts turtle nesting or hatchlings. To meet this intent, all public and private properties and uses involving new construction shall comply with the following:
   (A)   Controlled use, design and positioning of lights.
      (1)   Exterior Artificial Light fixtures shall be designed and positioned so that the point source of light or any reflective surface of the light fixture is not directly visible from the Beach, the areas seaward of the Frontal Dune are not Directly or Indirectly Illuminated, and the areas seaward of the Frontal Dune are not Cumulatively Illuminated.
      (2)   Exterior Artificial Light fixtures within direct line-of-sight of the Beach are considered appropriately designed if:
         (a)   The fixtures are downlight or recessed fixtures that are completely shielded from the Beach side and have Low Wattage amber or red, LED, LPS, Bug Type Bulb, or True Neon Light and non-reflective interior surfaces are used.  Other fixtures that have appropriate shields, louvers, or full cut-off features may also be used if they are in compliance with subsection (A)(1); and
         (b)   All fixtures are mounted as low in elevation as possible, without compromising public safety through the use of low-mounted wall fixtures, low bollards, and ground level fixtures.
      (3)   The use of lighting for decorative, accent, or recreational purposes during Nesting Season, such as lighting emanating from spotlights or floodlights, is prohibited if the light would be directly visible from the Beach or would Directly, Indirectly or Cumulatively Illuminate the Beach.
      (4)   Exterior lights used expressly for safety or security purposes shall be limited to the minimum number and configuration required to achieve their functional roles. The use of motion detector switches that keep lights off except when approached and that switch lights on for a period not to exceed five (5) minutes each time motion is detected is preferred.
      (5)   Lighting for parking areas, pool decks and roadways shall be shielded from the Beach through the use of bollards and height appropriate light fixtures (not exceeding 12 feet above the ground) that have shields, louvers or full cut-off features and are in compliance with § 108.05(A)(1) herein.
      (6)   Parking areas and roadways, including any paved or unpaved areas upon which motorized vehicles will park or operate, shall be designed and located to prevent vehicular headlights from Directly or Indirectly Illuminating the Beach.
      (7)   Lights on balconies and catwalks facing the ocean shall be limited to:  Low Profile Luminaries positioned so that no light source is visible from the Beach; wall mounted fixtures fitted with directional shields with nonreflective interiors so that no light source illuminates the Beach; or overhead fixtures fitted with internal black baffles or light diffusing louvers.  All lighting shall be downward directed, shielded and utilize Low Wattage lights within non-reflective interior surfaces.
   (B)   Interior lighting.  Tinted Glass or film shall be installed on all windows and glass doors of single and multi-story structures on the east facing and shore perpendicular sides of the structures.
   (C)   Temporary construction lighting.  Temporary lighting of construction sites during the Marine Turtle Nesting Season shall be restricted to the minimal amount necessary to assure security, shall not spread beyond the boundary of the property being developed, and in no case shall such lights illuminate the Beach.
(Ord. O-2011-07, passed 3-2-11)