(A)   Procedure. Upon receipt of notification from the Commission of deficiencies in administration and enforcement of the local Implementation and Enforcement Plan, the Permit Officer and a committee appointed by the Board of Commissioners shall conduct an investigation and prepare an appropriate response to the alleged deficiencies set forth in the Commission's notice.
   (B)   Notification to the Commission.
      (1)   If the Commission's charges are found to be valid, within 30 days of notification by the Commission the Board of Commissioners and Permit Officer shall inform the Commission of the findings of the investigation, shall assert the willingness and ability to modify the situation resulting in the violation and shall state the means by which the Permit Officer and Board of Commissioners intend to avoid similar violations in the future.
      (2)   If the Board and Permit Officer find the Commission's charges to be without grounds, they shall so inform the Commission. If the Coastal Resources Commission disagrees with that finding, the Board may at that time request a hearing before the Commission or take other appropriate action within 90 days after receipt of the Commission's notification of the violation to come to some mutually acceptable solution with the Commission. If no such mutually acceptable solution has been achieved within the 90-day period, the Board of Commissioners and Permit Officer shall automatically relinquish authority to issue permits for minor development.
('85 Code, § 8-3.9) (Ord. 28, passed - - )