(A)   Upon violation of the provisions adopted by the local government pursuant to the Coastal Area Management Act relating to the issuance of minor development permits, the Permit Officer may, either before or after the institution of proceedings for the collection of any penalty imposed by the Coastal Area Management Act for such violation, institute a civil action in the General Court of Justice in the name of the affected local government upon the relation of the Permit Officer for injunctive relief to restrain the violation and for such other or further relief in the premises as the court shall deem proper. Neither the institution of the action nor any of the proceedings thereon shall relieve any party to such proceedings from any penalty prescribed by the Coastal Area Management Act for any violation of same.
   (B)   The Permit Officer shall notify the Secretary of Natural and Economic Resources of any civil action undertaken by or against such officer under the Coastal Area Management Act.
('85 Code, § 8-3.7a., c.) (Ord. 28, passed - - )