(A)   The Permit Officer shall refer the file of all denials based on town ordinances to the Town Board of Adjustment. If this Board agrees with the Permit Officer, the permit stands denied. If the Board of Adjustment disagrees with the Permit Officer, the matter may, at his discretion, be referred to the Board of Commissioners for final disposition.
   (B)   The Permit Officer shall also submit proposals he deems appropriate for conditioned grant to the Board of Adjustment. He shall make available to the Board of Adjustment the file, his recommendations, and any other relevant information. The conditions approved or suggested by the Board of Adjustment shall be attached to the grant.
   (C)   Whenever it is appropriate, the Permit Officer shall confer with the County Health Department, the Department of Natural and Economic Resources, Corps of Engineers and other appropriate permitting agencies before making a decision.
   (D)   The procedures and requirements of this chapter shall be conducted in a manner consistent with the expeditious disposition of minor development permits required by the Coastal Area Management Act. The procedures shall take place within the time limitations and extension stated in the Act.
('85 Code, § 8-3.4) (Ord. 28, passed - - ; Am. Ord. 02-10, passed 7-8-02)