Restaurant Wine License
   113.01   Established
   113.02   Applicant qualifications
   113.03   Fees
   113.04   License subject to additional requirements
Retail Drink License
   113.10   Established
   113.11   Applicant qualifications
   113.12   Fees
   113.13   License subject to additional requirements
Nude and Nearly Nude Appearances and Activities
   113.20   Nude or nearly nude appearances and activities prohibited on licensed premises
   113.21   Licensee of premises
Sale of Alcoholic Beverages
   113.30   Definitions
   113.31   State law adopted
   113.32   Classification of licenses; fee schedule
   113.33   Form, content of city license
   113.34   Application; issuance
   113.35   Approval of application
   113.36   Denial of application
   113.37   Transfer of license
   113.38   Premises selling groceries, gasoline, and the like prohibited from obtaining license
   113.39   “Treating” prohibited; exceptions; sampling
   113.40   Hours of sale
   113.41   Compliance with regulations and prohibitions
   113.42   Maintenance of state license
   113.43   Display of required licenses and certain signs
   113.44   Criminal conduct on premises prohibited
   113.45   Conducting business with minor
   113.46   Business to be conducted continuously; exceptions
Administration and Enforcement
   113.60   Alcoholic beverage control vested in the Mayor
   113.61   Right of entry; search and seizure
   113.62   Suspension, revocation of license
   113.99   Penalty