A.   Officers: On an annual basis, no later than the first meeting of the planning and zoning commission after May 1 of each year, the members of the planning and zoning commission shall organize by the election of a chair, vice chair, secretary, and any such other officers as may, in their judgment, be necessary or convenient. Such officers shall hold office until the first meeting after May 1 of the following year.
   B.   Bylaws: The planning and zoning commission shall adopt such bylaws governing their procedures and regulating their business, from time to time, as they deem proper and necessary. The adoption, amendment or revision of bylaws shall be by majority vote of the commission; provided, however, that every member of the commission shall be furnished a copy of such bylaws, amendments or revisions within ten (10) days after the day of adoption. (Ord. 15-O-11, 3-17-2015, eff. 5-1-2015)