A.   Prohibitions: No person, firm or corporation removing snow or ice from any building, parking lot, private property, driveway, driveway approach, sidewalk or public sidewalk shall sweep, shovel, scrape, drag, or by any other manner remove such snow or ice from the confines of such property and deposit the same upon any street or public parking area, or upon any sidewalk or right of way used or intended to be used for vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or upon any adjoining property.
   B.   Responsibility For Deposits: The owner and/or occupant of any private property which has authorized, allowed or contracted for the removal or receives the benefit of the removal of said snow and ice from the owner's or occupant's private property shall also be deemed responsible for any violation of subsection A of this section by any person, firm or corporation performing snow and ice removal upon the property of said owner or occupant.
   C.   Exemptions: The officers, agents, contractors and employees of the city are hereby exempted from the provisions of this section when performed in furtherance of municipal purposes.
   D.   Penalty: Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this section may avail themselves of the out of court settlement procedures pursuant to section 7-5-19-2 of this title, notwithstanding any other provision of this section. The provisions of section 7-5-19-2 of this title shall be applicable to persons, firms or corporations violating this section. (Ord. 97-O-41, 12-2-1997)